How the forensic psychiatrist can help you
What Jurors look for
The Practical Litigator
How and Why To Use a Forensic Psychiatrist
Michael K. Spodak, M.D.

When you need an expert witness who can tie together the subtleties of many disciplines - and make the case more comprehensible for the factfinder-the forensic psychiatrist is an excellent choice. 
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Since there is an enormous amount of overlap among medical conditions, orthopedic injuries, neurological difficulties and mental disorders, it is often helpful to look at the total picture. A forensic psychiatrist should be able to raise your suspicion, concern, and give thought to those issues so that further investigation can be made. 
For the most part, juries seem to have a remarkable degree of common sense when they approach mental health issues, either in causation or damages. If you have a catastrophic, psychiatric response to a fairly trivial traumatic experience, you probably need to explore whether someone is malingering. It may be difficult to prove the subjective complaints.